About Rhonda Allen

Civil Marriage Celebrant

My style is super relaxed, professional always, at the same time I have a wicked sense of fun. Kindness and respect are my mantras every day. 

Your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the day. Your celebrant can really influence this for better or worse.  I am not a comedian but I love being that person to put a smile on everyone’s face, even before we get started, at the same time keeping a low profile to allow the stars to shine. This is your day. 

I offer a 24/7 service with no distractions so my focus is just on you. My weddings are spaced out to no more than one a week, so I will never be that celebrant rushing off to another wedding. This is your time.

 As a full-time celebrant I am here to answer any questions you may have. To ensure your wedding is unique you will not be offered templates to choose from, that would make your wedding like everyone elses. As an officiant at many weddings now I have lots of experience to offer in the wedding industry. You just have to ask, if I don’t know I will certainly find out. 

 Now based in Toowoomba, I am happy to travel to almost anywhere in south east Queensland. I enjoy a road trip so extra costs will be minimal. 

Couples come in all shapes and sizes and I really love meeting them all and taking them right through the amazing journey of their ceremony, right from our first contact to them receiving their marriage certificate. This doorway is the start of their new life together  as a married couple and it is my honour to open it. 

I have been married many years and I can testify to the happiness that making a commitment to your true soulmate can bring through all the good times and challenges of life. We have each other. 

I am fully insured, a proud supplier to My Wedding Wish and a member of the Celebrants Network Inc.